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... much loved and never forgotten.

Dino overlooking a city

I'm Dino, a daredevil German Shepherd. A long time ago, last century actually, I lived with a big family in a big house in a big city. It was fabulous. The women in the family doted on me and I was the darling of my master's two granddaughters. The younger of the little girls could be a pest at times wanting to play with me all the time. OK, I had fun too but come on I'm not a rocking horse! The worst was when that pesky kid tried to play her granddad's mouth organ. Well I put a stop to that and started to howl before she even had a chance to take the thing out of its box.

Dino with the two little girls

From up here, the Rainbow Bridge, I've noticed over time that the traffic in my city has become scary. Don't know if I'd still be up to my old stunts. But it was fun, you see I had this thing about a certain type of cars. As soon as I heard one coming I took off and chased after it to the squealing delight of the little girls and the horrified screams of their young aunties. Dodging cars and trams I disappeared into the traffic. But I always ran back to the girls slinking up to the aunties with a sheepish grin: "What?!! What's the drama, I'm here. Can we go now."

Dino with one little girl

May be at another time I'll tell you more. Must dash, lots to do, lots to see with all my friends in this fantastic place.

Dino in the park

Having a ball with my best friend Peggy.

Dino playing with Peggy
Dino playing with Peggy
Dino playing with Peggy
Dino playing with Peggy